Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit (DJ Mike Love Edit)

Edit from the original multitrack master. Listen or download (click divshare logo) below.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coldplay-Clocks (DJ Mike Love Edit)

My 11-year old daughter Tamera loves Coldplay & is always watching their videos, new and old on YouTube. So I'm randomly listening to Clocks recently so she comes and hovers in my area for a moment and comments, "Its about time you're listening to some good music."

Kids. Gotta love 'em. Coldplay=Good Music.

I decided to do an edit of the song because I loved that bootleg house version that came out a few years ago, but Its not a version I could ever get away with playing. I wanted to make something more programmable for me.

Hey, you never know when the mood will strike & I gotta play some Coldplay in the club.

Before today, to my kids, my music stinks. Thank you Coldplay. Your song from 2003 has resurrected my career & made me cool again with the "tween" set.

For a day at least.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DJ Mike Love presents The Cold As Hell EP

I produce beats & do remixes. I've also done some award winning Mixtapes that have been spotlighted on MTV and on blogs globally. Some people know that and some people don't. The thing is, if people DON'T know these things, but I want them TO know it, I havent done a good job getting the message across.

Being a mix DJ is what got my foot in the door with radio and I'm always looking to show my skills, in the club or bangin out trax on my laptop. That said, here's a 5 cut sampler of my favorite producton/remixes that I've done in the last year plus. Its a mix of the music that influences me from Hip Hop to Go-Go to Afrobeat to Chicago House music. It's called "The Cold As Hell EP" because of the infamous soundbyte I've been using on Mixtapes since 2004 that says "Shit, Mike Love Cold As Hell." Its been my calling card since my girl Crystal did the drop back in the day.

Big up to my Milwaukee family who will always know me as a DJ 1st & big up to Chicago, the city that helped make me become a global brand and will watch me take my DJ career to new levels.


1. Beat It-Michael Jackson (DJ Mike Love Remix)
2. M.I.K.E.L.O.V.E (Disco House track)
3. Tony's Theme (House Theme from The Mack)
4. Good Life (Mike Love's Go-Go Remix)
5. Roc Boys (Mike love's Nigerian Gangster Remix)

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Friday, July 17, 2009

*New Heat* M.I.K.E.L.O.V.E.

My house tracks are always inspired by a night out in the clubs. This track was inspired by the style of deep house I hear at spots on the south side of Chicago like Reynolds, The Dating Game & Visionz.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mike Love Presents-The Best Of Bad Boy Radio Freestyles 1997-2007 + Bonus Trax

My archive game is so stellar.

Seriously, I'm not one to wax nostalgic often but when I do look back at the Bad Boy Radio days, I realize today's on-air DJs could never have the "freedom" that we had in our heyday. The cultural impact of Bad Boy Radio is still felt on Chicago radio today so I wanted to compile a lesser known but important segement of the show, the live in-studio freestyle sessions. By the millenium it was rare that a rapper could kick a verse without cursing so our interviews with rappers stayed just that, interviews. But in the early days every MC that stepped foot in the studio had to kick a verse. That said, there are some real gems here, from the classic All About The Bad Boyz (arranged by me) to Common's freestyle over the Invocation beat (from One Day It'll All Make Sense), to the late Big Pun exchanging verses with Fat Joe, to Twista jappin over Aaliyah's One In A Million instrumental, to the entire Flipmode squad rhyming for 10+ minutes over a Master P track, to Juice's crazy & completely off the dome freestyle, to DTP's Shawnna noticibly stepping her rhymes up when former Infamous Syndicate partner Teefa steps in the studio, to KanYe West & Lupe Fiasco bringing the era to a close. Radio history was made.


1. All About The Bad Boyz-Chi-Town All-Stars (D.A. Smart, Common, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Twista) (1997)
2. Common Freestyle #1 (1997)
3. Crucial Conflict Freestyle (1997)
4. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz Freestyle (1997) 
5. Kid Capri Freestyle (1998)
6. Shaq Freestyle (1998)
7.Fat Joe/Big Pun Freestyle (1998) 
8. Allen Iverson Freestyle (1998)
9. Flipmode Freestyle-Busta Rhymes, Lord Have Mercy, Rah Digga, Spliff Star, Baby Sham, Rampage (1998)
10. Twista Freestyle (1998)
11 Juvenile Freestyle (1998)
12. Brand Nubian Freestyle (1998)
13. Outkast Freestyle-Big Boi (1998)
14. Juice Freestyle (1999)
15. Profound Freestyle (1999)
16. Go-Getters Freestyle-Timmy G, GLC, Kanye West (1999) 
17. Q-Tip Freestyle (1999)
18. DaBrat Freestyle (1999)
19. Common Freestyle #2 (1999)
20. Shyne Freestyle (2000)
21. Bad Boy All-Stars Freestyle-Mark Curry, Black Rob, Loon (2001) 
22. DTP Freestyle-Ludacris, Shawnna, I-20, Tity Boy, Lil Fate, Teefa (2003)
23. 50 Cent Freestyle (2003)
24. KanYe West/Common Freestyle (2005)
25. Lupe Fiasco Freestyle (2006)

Download Bad Boy Radio Freestyles 

I had to do it. I had a few pieces I was gonna hold for a Volume II but the response has been so crazy I wanted to drop 'em now!

Did you know that Twista freestyle from "The Best Of" is really an edited Speednot Mobstaz freestyle which was cut down to just Twista's verse? Its making its world premiere here.

Also included from my Bad Boy Radio archives are 2 Ja Rule freestyles, a Fabolous freestyle, a live on-air freestyle/performance from Crucial Conflict and 2 lost gems. The 1st is a Mikkey interview and freestyle from 2002 where he talks about his forthcoming album on Cash Money (he gives a title and a release date) and a FULL Common interview from 3/27/2000, the day before Like Water For Chocolate hit stores. Rosh plays cuts from LWFC, gives away CD's on-air, freestyles, and talks about his new creative team the Soulquarians and Knowing what we now know about the success of LWFC, Dilla's passing, etc, this is definitely a "wow" interview.


1. Speednot Mobstaz Freestyle (1998)
2. Crucial Conflict Live/Freestyle (1998)
3. Big Pun/Fat Joe Freestyle (1998)
4. Ja Rule Freestyle #1 (1999)
5. Ja Rule Freestyle #2 (2001)
6. Fabolous Freestyle (2001)
7. Mikkey Interview/Freestyle (2002)
8. Common "Like Water for Chocolate" Interview/Freestyle (2000)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

KanYe x Drake: Flashing Lights-MikeLove ReMash

Drake's So Far Gone is my favorite CD of '09 and I've had this idea for a beat in my head since the CD dropped. Since everyone calls my remixes "mash-ups" I've created a new genre, the "ReMash". KanYe's Flashing Lights x Drake's "Outro".

Friday, May 08, 2009

Nigerian Gangster remix of Roc Boys spotlight on Epic

Shouts out to the Epic Fu video blog for showing love to MikeLoveNotWar & the Roc Boys remix (3:05 mark of the video) Download the entire Nigerian Gangster project (320k) including the Roc Boys remix here

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

MikeLoveNotWar-The Interview (via Martini & Jopparelli)

Big up to Marty at Music Selections. He hit me last year about an interview and we finally cleared our schedules and knocked it out. Thanks for the love.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Night 2Pac Died-V100 Friday Night Flava 9/13/96

The most important radio show I've ever done. The most memorable. The most controversial. Like the Hot 102 shows, I thought I'd never find the tapes but you never know what you'll come across rummaging thru the garage.

You could say at the time I didn't understand the largeness of the situation. Other than Eazy-Z, no major hip hop artist had died up to that point. Everybody on the paintings with Pac (Big, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Jam Master Jay) died after that fateful Friday night so there was no precedent. I remember thinking, "all this for Pac?" We had already done a top 10 2Pac songs in hour 2 and people wanted more. Today you would have an entire show of music dedicated to an artists memory, but then? You were either for Pac or for B.I.G. and I was definitely riding with B.I.G. in the whole east vs. west thing. Not saying you wanted a man to die, but live by the sword, die by the sword was my attitude. 2Pac just brought out that kind of emotion in you. You either rode with him 100% or were against him 100%.

There is no revisionist history on this show like you would hear in dedication shows today. Its all raw emotions on how we and the listeners felt at that time

After the show V-100 was deluged with calls and complaints from angry listeners the entire weekend. And hearing the show and hindsight being 20/20 I can totally understand why I had to make an apology the following Friday night for some of the remarks I made on the show (even after I say at the end of the show how I'm not apologizing for the things I said). We pissed off people that night and even received a death threat or two, so by the end of the show I was defiant & didn't give a fuck. I even said some things on-air that made my co-host KeKe quit the show afterwards.

Like Aaliyah after him, I didn't know how big Pac was till after he died. On Friday The 13th 1996 I learned.

This show is dedicated to my Flava Crew. Scott "Scotty G" Gunderson in DC, Kenyatta "KeKe" Taylor in NY, and The Midwest Mixer Dr. B in Milwaukee. We made Milwaukee radio history. We were a mixshow that was on once a week for 4 hours and we made more buzz than an entire on-air staff. And we gave them a show to talk about for years to come and for that and I thank you all.

This is the entire 4 hour show.

Hour I

From the top, what still impresses me to this day is how well produced the show is. From the Strick promo that starts the show, to voice messages about Pac's death, to the show intro, to soundbytes from the movie Juice, everything is on point. Shows don't get much tighter than this and I'll take the credit for that. A lot of prep went into this in a short amout of time

Hour II

We kick off the 2Pac top 10 & get Scotty G's and KeKe's thoughts on Pac's life & death. They keep it real & pull no punches. Their words are a testament to how people were really split down the middle on the whole Pac/BIG beef & how the world was where you could speak your mind before everything became ultra politically correct.

Hour III

We finish the 2Pac top 10 & get Doc B's opinion on 2Pac and his legacy plus play a few more promos, songs & Pac cuts.

Hour IV

By now the weight of the callers is starting to get to me & the crew and I'm getting a lil pissed, but we keep it movin & we finish the show off with a few more Pac songs and a mini Booty mix by Dr. B who had been on the wheels the entire show

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Lost Mixes: Fresh G live on Hot 102 WLUM Milwaukee-November 1993

I found a tape in the garage that geeked me up to new levels of geektivity. I had been looking for my old mixes from Hot 102 for awhile but wasnt having any luck. Seems I was using the tapes for airchecks when I got the job on 'GCI and may have recorded over all the mixshows. 

I was wrong. I found the tapes!

Every Friday & Saturday we used to have a boombox in the studio and I would record the mixes from the radio so they could have that live feel. No Serato, No Tricks, No Computer editing program. 2 turntables live in studio

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My afternoon with Richard Pegue (In memory of A Legend 1944-2009)

I was actually a bit intimidated by Richard Pegue Initially. Back in the days before Bad Boy Radio when we were only on Saturday nights, Richard used to do his show The Best Music of Your Life in the adjacent Dusty Radio 1390 studios. He never said much more than a "hi" as I passed him in the hall and I figured him to be a bit crotchety. I was like, who is this "Richard PEE-GUE" guy? Growing up in Milwaukee, I didnt know much about Richard Pegue, much less how to pronounce his name or the legendary WVON Good Guys. I did remember our local line-up of radio DJs in the 70's also called themselves the "WAWA Good Guys" but I would soon find out it was Chicago where the name originated.

So here we are in '95-'96 doing the All Request Party on 'GCI while Richard Pegue during the same time slot is playing Dusties on 1390, when we meet Richard's intern/assistant/gopher a 15 year old wunderkid named Lawrence Jones aka LJ. LJ would come into the studio and kick it with us and share an unbelievable wealth of knowledge for old school music for a kid so young. I remember thinking at first he was Richard's son bacause he knew so much about dusties and not only Chicago but Chicago radio history.

The Moo & Oink Jingle? That was Richard Pegue, LJ would say.
The Funtown Jingle? That was Richard too!

I think I learned more about Richard Pegue's place in Chicago radio history talking to LJ than I would have from the man himself.

So there it is, I'm working directly across from a legend every Saturday night and I am now officially intimidated. He's probably thinking, look at these "young bucks" over there with their hip hop and whatnot, they aint got nothin on us with this real music. The best music of our lives...

I could'nt have been more wrong about the man.

Fast Forward to 2003. Dusty Radio has long since been replaced by Gospel Radio 1390 and we're no longer on Saturday nights. Bad Boy Radio is making Chicago radio history in its own right and I recently start doing a mixtape series called The Mike Love Show to display my DJ talents and make a lil noise in the midwest Mixtape game. I'm doing a my 1st mixtape hosted by a Chicago artist, Twista, and I want an intro that truly says Chicago.

And nothing says Chicago like Tommy and the Moo & Oink commercials.

By 2003 Moo & Oink had stopped using their standard jingle and moved to a newer version that wasnt as good. I remember LJ telling me that Richard Pegue would have all the original jingle music and if I wanted to have them cut a mixtape intro as if it was a moo & oink commercial to give him a call. I call Richard and I'll never forget when he took the call...

*answers phone* hello, this is Richard
Hey, Richard. its Mike Love
um, Mike Love? From Mike Love & The Diz?
oh...hey what's going on Mike

needless to say, the intimidation factor from '95 kicked right back in.

I explained what I needed to Richard. A mixtape intro that uses the Moo & oink jingle voiced by the announcer Tommy. instead of in-store specials it would talk about mixtape specials. Richard liked the idea and we agreed to meet on a saturday to cut the spot at his home studio. I arrived at his home in South Holland and he was a very warm host, Not the "crotchety" person I remember thinking he was back in the Dusty radio days. I remember having to explain to Tommy the whole concept of reading a script about mixtapes as if it was a Moo & Oink commercial but it was Richard who really helped him to understand the concept and coach him through the process. While spending part of that Saturday afternoon in his studio, I thought it was the coolest thing that Richard still used reel to reel to record the commercial to give it that warm, vintage, back-in-the-day feel. After the intro/commercial was cut, I talked to Richard about commercial production and all the different types of spots he's cut over the years and of course radio. He said he had a lot of respect for what The Bad Boyz had accomplished over the years and how proud he was of his own son Chris who was starting to come into his own as a radio personality in his own right on 'GCI. Totally the opposite of the "young bucks" I thought he perceived us as.

I asked him what I owed him for his time and he said nothing, it was on him but I insisted he take something for his time (back in'03 people actually used to turn down money) As I was leaving I said maybe one day I can come back and we can turn the Funtown Jingle into a mixtape intro. He flashed a smile and said he liked the idea. Something he created back in the day reaching a new generation in a new and creative way and If I wanted to do it to just give him a call.

Check out the intro below. Thanks Richard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Mike Love Remix! KanYe West feat.T-Pain-Good Life (Go-Go Remix)

Barack Obama aint the only Chicago cat taking it to DC! See if big homie B-Rock got room in the Black House for Mike Love, Yeezy and T-Pain.