Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mike Love's Universal Session-The Chicago Gangster Story

Originally realeased July 4th 2004, Universal Session is a Classic Chicago Mixtape & the 1st in the series. The initial idea was to do these mixtapes as the definitive Chicago artist spotlight ala Gangster Grillz, but as with anything in and of Chicago, outside forces will come in and fuck up even the greatest ideas and make you say, nevermind.

For the uninformed, this is basically a soundtrack to Chicago gang culture. Soundbytes from artists like Common, Lupe Fiasco (In '04 nigga, NO DJ was on Lupe before me) Psychodrama, Do Or Die, Bump J, Preast of Qualo and Malik Yusef pretty much give you an insight on what its like growing up in Chicago & joining a 'nation'. Its a really dope documentary style mixtape with a a lot of timeless music that still holds up 4+ years later

Universal Session Playlist

1. Universal Session Nation intro
2. Do what the track say (instructions)-Qualo
3. Joining a Nation interlude
4. Respect my gangsta-Bump J.
5. Infamous Syndicate is back! - Shawnna & Teefa
6. Nation Talk (deeper)-The Moes
7. Universal Law interlude
8. Revolution-Mikkey
9. Fire-Bump J, Payroll & Cap-1
10. Psyche of a gang member interlude feat. Malik Yusef
11. 2 words (nation remix)-Preast, Columbian Prince & Chicago Shawn
12. Lights, Cameras, Police Action interlude
13. Cross the gun line-Color 1
14. Two-Soul 360 feat. Boo (of Boo & Gotti)
15. Common interlude
16. Keep it poppin-Big Blast & Pistol Pete (act like it ent.)
17. Higher-D.O.D feat. Kanye West
18. Universal Session-Newsense of Psychodrama
19. Psychodrama interlude
20. Wipe a pimp down-Turtle Banks
21. Sometimes-Triple Darkness
22. Gang members are leaders interlude
23. What you be about-EC Illa
24. Chi-Town all day- White Chalk feat. Corona
25. Pirate Nation Radio skit
26. Q nation army (Mike Love remix)-Qualo
27. Hustla-King
28. Gentrification/Blame YT interlude
29. 1st& 15th is back-Lupe Fiasco
30. Come holla at chief-Payroll
31. The Future... outro