Sunday, April 03, 2005

I got a MikeLove Mixtape... (2005 Year in Review)

The year started out with me doing a collabo with my man G-Spot from Cleveland (by way of Chicago) called Midwest Invasion. Joints on there from Shawnna, Royce 5'9, Majic Massey and the usual gang of idjits (Qualo, Bump J, Kanye, Twista nem, etc)

This is a joint that didn't get a lot of circulation in the Chi from The Movement cuz we wanted more input on the cover, but it most definitely got a good look in Justo's (RIP) column in The basically we had to stfu!

G-Spot & his peoples will be in charge of all future Midwest Invasion graphics!

Be on the lookout for Midwest Invasion II in January '06
*Midwest here to download*

Lord knows I was overdue for a new solo mixtape (I hadnt dropped a new joint since Universal Session in the summer of '04) and here it is...Beats & Bussdowns Vol.1! It's an interesting blend of southern shit, gangsta Chicago shit, and a coupla shits I just wanted to put on a mixtape like the Common & Kanye freestyle from January on WGCI and that crazy-assed version of Straight Outta Compton by Nina Gordon. Those tracks definitely don't fit the bass-heavy aesthetic of the cd but fuck it, sometimes you just wanna put shit on a mixtape JUST CUZ! The interesting thing about the CD is it's packaged with a porn dvd. Now, i've personally never been a porn fan, but since this mixtape series was the brainchild of my manager Shala (who also doubles as 1/4th of the band Qualo) I decided to go along with it
*Download Hardcore Beats & Bussdowns*

My favorite joint of '05 has to be Nike Battlegrounds. Alotta blood, sweat & tears went into making this joint cuz we had to get clearances for all the artists in like a 4 week span. Then after it was done I had to go back and exx out alla the curse words cuz it was a bit harsh for the suits @ Nike. Then on toppa that I watch MTV only to see Chicago lose the game to NYC! I want that 60 minutes of my life back!

Anyway, it some hot Chicago joints on this one though. Moorocco Stone, Psychodrama on there, Juice, TWO joints from Bump J, Qualo, and Preast G SNAPS with a solo joint called Say My Name Bitch. Plus u got joints from Que Billah (unsigned hype) and Lupe Fiasco (signed hype)

Shouts to Charles @ Nike, Shah-lah (thas what his mama call him) Hef & T-Scar for makin it happen

*psst* Dont tell nobody, but we snuck & put the dirty version of the Nike joint out. Once again, Shala is killin it with the graphics (Mom, it looks like a movie poster!) PLUS to make the shit even more raw, Preast G kills NYC! Did u hear me? This is the banned version! Preast G snapped so hard on the rotten apple that I heard them peoples was gon' be waiting the next time the nigga flew into JFK!
Holla @ Stone in the screets for this one. QX56 approved!
*Download Nike Battlegrounds/Movement Law IV*

You don't want me to do your mixtape. Ok, you do but it's gonna be a minnit.

Some months actually.

Naw,'s gon' be the shit, trust me. But it's just gon' be a minnit till I finish it.

Ask Profound
Ask Malik Yusef
Ask Twista

See... WhuHahHappened was I feel like an artist with these mixtapes and sometimes artists needs to be properly motivated to do a project.

*an example of proper motivation*


Properly motivated, I must say that Lif, Mayze & Twis did they thang and it's a hot one. I'm a tad partial to my chopped & screwed version of the Mobstaz song S**k My D**k. Plus, can I really be mad when I turn on Sirius Satellite Radio's Shade 45 and hear they swiped Lavish off my mixtape, cut out all the 'MikeLove cold as hell(s)' and played it in rotation?

I think not... *Download Mobbtown*