Saturday, May 31, 2008


The Carter 3=dead
Weezy F. Baby=dead

This nigga killed the game so hard with The Carter 3 that I'm just callin' the album
Tre. I can't even call dude Weezy no more cuz this dude is a man now so I'm callin' him Wayne. I dont know who finally got in this cat's ear, but he did it! The album is a classic full of Kanye-esque stadium status joints and the only thing I'm worried about is that its so mature that he might scare off his base (the kids)

But fuck 'em, if u ask me critical acclaim & the rap album of the year (so far) is 1000x bigger than being every high school & college kids' favorite rapper. He can now take his rightful place amongst today's greats. Hov, Em, 30o0, 'Ye and now Wayne

I played this song 4x back-to-back in the ride on the 1st listen to the cd. my favorite joint...Dr. Carter