Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Lost Mixes: Fresh G live on Hot 102 WLUM Milwaukee-November 1993

I found a tape in the garage that geeked me up to new levels of geektivity. I had been looking for my old mixes from Hot 102 for awhile but wasnt having any luck. Seems I was using the tapes for airchecks when I got the job on 'GCI and may have recorded over all the mixshows. 

I was wrong. I found the tapes!

Every Friday & Saturday we used to have a boombox in the studio and I would record the mixes from the radio so they could have that live feel. No Serato, No Tricks, No Computer editing program. 2 turntables live in studio

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dj bobby gee said...

I want to thank you for posting the Fresh G mixes,I had a cosin that dj on wnov and I went to visit him one weekend and Fresh G was going off.Every since then I would hang hangers outside my window to pick up a signal cause I lived in Rockford Il and Chi town was nothing but house music back then.I would be djing a party and sneak off to go put in another tape in to keep recording. those was the days thanks for bringing them back dog.