Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DJ Mike Love presents The Cold As Hell EP

I produce beats & do remixes. I've also done some award winning Mixtapes that have been spotlighted on MTV and on blogs globally. Some people know that and some people don't. The thing is, if people DON'T know these things, but I want them TO know it, I havent done a good job getting the message across.

Being a mix DJ is what got my foot in the door with radio and I'm always looking to show my skills, in the club or bangin out trax on my laptop. That said, here's a 5 cut sampler of my favorite producton/remixes that I've done in the last year plus. Its a mix of the music that influences me from Hip Hop to Go-Go to Afrobeat to Chicago House music. It's called "The Cold As Hell EP" because of the infamous soundbyte I've been using on Mixtapes since 2004 that says "Shit, Mike Love Cold As Hell." Its been my calling card since my girl Crystal did the drop back in the day.

Big up to my Milwaukee family who will always know me as a DJ 1st & big up to Chicago, the city that helped make me become a global brand and will watch me take my DJ career to new levels.


1. Beat It-Michael Jackson (DJ Mike Love Remix)
2. M.I.K.E.L.O.V.E (Disco House track)
3. Tony's Theme (House Theme from The Mack)
4. Good Life (Mike Love's Go-Go Remix)
5. Roc Boys (Mike love's Nigerian Gangster Remix)

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