Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mike Love Presents-The Best Of Bad Boy Radio Freestyles 1997-2007 + Bonus Trax

My archive game is so stellar.

Seriously, I'm not one to wax nostalgic often but when I do look back at the Bad Boy Radio days, I realize today's on-air DJs could never have the "freedom" that we had in our heyday. The cultural impact of Bad Boy Radio is still felt on Chicago radio today so I wanted to compile a lesser known but important segement of the show, the live in-studio freestyle sessions. By the millenium it was rare that a rapper could kick a verse without cursing so our interviews with rappers stayed just that, interviews. But in the early days every MC that stepped foot in the studio had to kick a verse. That said, there are some real gems here, from the classic All About The Bad Boyz (arranged by me) to Common's freestyle over the Invocation beat (from One Day It'll All Make Sense), to the late Big Pun exchanging verses with Fat Joe, to Twista jappin over Aaliyah's One In A Million instrumental, to the entire Flipmode squad rhyming for 10+ minutes over a Master P track, to Juice's crazy & completely off the dome freestyle, to DTP's Shawnna noticibly stepping her rhymes up when former Infamous Syndicate partner Teefa steps in the studio, to KanYe West & Lupe Fiasco bringing the era to a close. Radio history was made.


1. All About The Bad Boyz-Chi-Town All-Stars (D.A. Smart, Common, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, Twista) (1997)
2. Common Freestyle #1 (1997)
3. Crucial Conflict Freestyle (1997)
4. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz Freestyle (1997) 
5. Kid Capri Freestyle (1998)
6. Shaq Freestyle (1998)
7.Fat Joe/Big Pun Freestyle (1998) 
8. Allen Iverson Freestyle (1998)
9. Flipmode Freestyle-Busta Rhymes, Lord Have Mercy, Rah Digga, Spliff Star, Baby Sham, Rampage (1998)
10. Twista Freestyle (1998)
11 Juvenile Freestyle (1998)
12. Brand Nubian Freestyle (1998)
13. Outkast Freestyle-Big Boi (1998)
14. Juice Freestyle (1999)
15. Profound Freestyle (1999)
16. Go-Getters Freestyle-Timmy G, GLC, Kanye West (1999) 
17. Q-Tip Freestyle (1999)
18. DaBrat Freestyle (1999)
19. Common Freestyle #2 (1999)
20. Shyne Freestyle (2000)
21. Bad Boy All-Stars Freestyle-Mark Curry, Black Rob, Loon (2001) 
22. DTP Freestyle-Ludacris, Shawnna, I-20, Tity Boy, Lil Fate, Teefa (2003)
23. 50 Cent Freestyle (2003)
24. KanYe West/Common Freestyle (2005)
25. Lupe Fiasco Freestyle (2006)

Download Bad Boy Radio Freestyles 

I had to do it. I had a few pieces I was gonna hold for a Volume II but the response has been so crazy I wanted to drop 'em now!

Did you know that Twista freestyle from "The Best Of" is really an edited Speednot Mobstaz freestyle which was cut down to just Twista's verse? Its making its world premiere here.

Also included from my Bad Boy Radio archives are 2 Ja Rule freestyles, a Fabolous freestyle, a live on-air freestyle/performance from Crucial Conflict and 2 lost gems. The 1st is a Mikkey interview and freestyle from 2002 where he talks about his forthcoming album on Cash Money (he gives a title and a release date) and a FULL Common interview from 3/27/2000, the day before Like Water For Chocolate hit stores. Rosh plays cuts from LWFC, gives away CD's on-air, freestyles, and talks about his new creative team the Soulquarians and Knowing what we now know about the success of LWFC, Dilla's passing, etc, this is definitely a "wow" interview.


1. Speednot Mobstaz Freestyle (1998)
2. Crucial Conflict Live/Freestyle (1998)
3. Big Pun/Fat Joe Freestyle (1998)
4. Ja Rule Freestyle #1 (1999)
5. Ja Rule Freestyle #2 (2001)
6. Fabolous Freestyle (2001)
7. Mikkey Interview/Freestyle (2002)
8. Common "Like Water for Chocolate" Interview/Freestyle (2000)

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Boombapster said...

Much love goes out to you Mr. Love for this. I also gotta thank you for re-upping Nigerian Gangster which I think is the best mashup of Jay-Z music period, even better than the grey album. Bar none. Hope to hear more stuff of that nature from you in the future.


Drama said...

What happened to the drama ward freestyle over whoop dat trick?
that was raw too! but besides that you doin yo thang!

Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

this is hot!!!
downloaded it.

Jermaine said...


Thank you, Thank You, Thank You... I have been waiting for the all about the benjamins Chi town remix for 10 years. I remember the last time yall played it and said,"you better get ya tape recorders ready b/c this is the last time" well I was in the car with my parents and was soooo pissed that I couldn't record it. So thank you for putting this out there.

Loyujin said...

Dope mixtape! Was there a cd that mike love put out with a preast g vs juice battle?

MikeLove said...

preast vs juice was on the 50 cent mixtape. I'll post that before the end of the week