Saturday, June 14, 2008

I like Nike, but wait a minute...

Been wanting to show off my collection of deadstock size 13's for a minute. Just a few pieces I got sittin' on ice (Some of these joints been on the shelf for more than 7 years) Mostly showin off my AF1 addiction (before Nike got on that wannabe Bape patent leather bullshit) and a few Reebok pieces.

Yo, I'mma rock niggaz this summer..."Ghostface"

AF1 Supreme '07

B-More Careful

Calvin Natts'


Stats, B-More, Natts

LA I & II's !!!!

No ring in '08, but classic joints

Chi-Town I (I killed niggaz at the Source Awards in Miami wit these)

Chi-Town I's again (2000, the year of the brawl btw)

Lebron special edition

'Bron @ 19

Delta Force Mids '07

DF Mids again

Chi-Town II Mids

Humbolt Park IV's

That's a wooden box, son!

25th anniv.
Marshmallos in a wooden joint...

Limited Edition J-Hud & Beyonce's One Night Only (from Dreamgirls, get it?)

Sheed I's

RBK DJ joints

OOOOOH, The G-Unit Humbolt Park Jumpoffs!

G-Unit California & Division joints (so fresh)

S. Carter I's. I gotta get Hov to sign these one day...

The Cedric Bensons...

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