Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mike Love's Universal Session starring Psychodrama

back in the day
way back, it seems
2006 seems like
forever ago...
I used to do Chicago based mixtapes
meaning if you were from Chicago or really dug our music this is for you

Here's the 2nd and final of the Universal Session series


Jerboski said...

Can you possibly post a link to the original Universal Sessions for download?
I bought that mix years ago in Chicago, randomly lost it, and now I'm out in California and haven't been able to locate in anywhere online.
I just found your blog today.

Becca the Promo Mami said...
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Kwesi said...

Can you PLEASE put this link back up? I've been looking for this mixtape since my copy got grabbed off me...been put'n Philly on to these kats & they get'n love...PLEASE put this back up!! I NEED THIS JAWN!!!

MikeLove said...

Psychodrama Universal Sessions has been re-upped