Friday, June 13, 2008

2 Classic Mike Love Show Mixtapes from '04

Nigerian Gangster is the project that helped to make the name Mike Love a global brand, but it made a lot of heads say,

"Who is this guy Mike Love?"

Here's a couple of mixtapes I did in 2004 that really blew up the Mike Love Show mixtape series. It's also good history lesson on what I been on from then till now.

John Monop.

I pulled it out and was listening to this joint this week and I really understand why It got the spotlight on MTV's Mixtape Mondays. It's the best produced, sequenced, and has the best selection of the entire Mike Love Show series. A bunch of dope remixes, some exclusives (at least in '04 they were), and the hottest underground joints coming out of Chicago in 2004. No need to hype this one. If you want to hear what Chicago was on before the "hipster hop" explosion of '08...


Eddie from the Barbershop- Cedric The Entertainer
Mike Love's Workout Plan -Kanye West
John Monopoly's mission intro
So Chicago - Alexander Monday Feat. Qualo
The Food -Common Feat Kanye West
John Monopoly on Kanye West Mike Love
The Future of Chicago- Bump J. & Yung King
The Champ is here- Green Lantern Feat. Jadakiss
Theifs Theme -Nas
All falls Down Video Shoot
Got it Twisted - Mobb Deep
Freek-A-Leek - Petey Pablo Feat. Twista
Oh My God - Tony Sunshine
Welcome Back- Mase
Introduction to Crack- Mikkey
Goons Where We At- Goon Squad feat. Bump J
Leave - Jrunk Unkles
Johnny On Street Relations
Look at the Grillz- 8Ball&MJG Feat. Twista
Band of Brothers- Il Vikings
Jo Capone (interlude)
Sweet Lies - Usher
Hot 2 Nite - New Edition
Dont Say Nuthin'- The Roots
U Gonna Love Me- Da Backwudz
I'm Rick James Bitch- Ill/Wolf
Live from Happy's House feat. Abnar Farrakhan
U know the time - Steady Serve
M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T - Alexander Monday Feat. Qualo
John Monopoly Outro

Download it!

The very next Mixtape I dropped was the Kanye joint. The mixtape dropped in '04 but the interview part was recorded in '03. At the time Kanye was still struggling for respect (and a release date for college dropout) at Roc-A-Fella records. Twista's Slow Jams hadnt dropped yet and he had to fight for everything. Listening to this mixtape, It's amazing to see how far he's come in 4 years.
I remember listening to this with 'Ye, Common, John Legend and the whole Hustle fam in his trailer at the All Falls Down video shoot. College Dropout was coming out that upcoming Tuesday but we popped in this cd cuz we'd never done a mixtape together & Kanye wanted to hear how it turned out. He just kept starting Nuthin's Gonna Stop Me over & over.

Nothing like going back to the good old days.


I Anit A Pimp (Remix) Qualo Featuring Twista
Kanye West Intro
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Kanye West T
What More Can I Say (Freestyle) Qualo feat. Yung King
Jesus Walks (mike love remix)-Kanye West
Kanye West On Chicago Love
Goon Squad-Bump J & Sly Polaroid
Rubberband Man- TI
Swing On' Em-Arrogant
Quick To Back Down-Qualo
Kanye West On Strengths And Weakness
So Sexy-Twista & R.Kelly
Fist Full Of Dollars-Crucial Conflict
Crown Me-Cam, Juelz, TI
Go Gettas 99 freestyle from WGCI Chicago
The Way That You Do-Carl Thomas & Kanye West
Do What I Gotta Do-John Legend Featuring Kanye West (unrelesed)
Family Business-Kanye West
Fight With The Best-Kanye & Rhymefest ('99)
Kanye's Biggest Project in '04
Milkshake Freeestyle- Kanye West & Common
Baby I Love You-JLo
M.I.K.E L.O.V.E-Royale Featuring Qualo Crystal
Roc interlude
Kanye West 01 Freestyle
Love It- Daily Plannet Featuring Rita J
The Saga Continues-Redman
High School Chicks-1st string
Kanye on Remixes
Kanye vs.MikeLove
Thru The Wire-Mims
Kanye fave mixtapes
Realest Killaz-Qualo
Kanye West outro

Download it here

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