Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Classic Mike Love Mixtape-NBA Live Hosted By Antoine Walker (2002)

I'm not uploading all the old Mike Love Show mixtapes, only a couple. Why? BECAUSE I GAVE Y'ALL NIGERIAN GANGSTER & BOTH OF THE UNIVERSAL SESSIONS FOR FREE and Its time I make some cheese off my former hard work (Seriously, there will be paypal links for your favorite mixtapes soon so get ya 10's ready).

So, what's the history behind this mixtape? I wanted NBA Live to be a mixtape series hosted by Chicago area NBA Ballers but the only ones I could pull off were Antoine Walker & Bobby Simmons. (big up to Bob who's still in the league 8 years later, Toine, not so much) We never did Bobby's mixtape because "the streets" hated the Antoine Walker concept. We recorded Bob's part when he was playing for the Wizards & It was the Michael Jordan/Wizards era. Bob talked about Mike being a black hole with the rock, etc. Good stuff, maybe I'll find the dat one day & release it as an interview.

Actually, the real reason I'm releasing this is because True Enuff asked me to. The Dunn Ruff family is repping hard on this one. Hell, it was mastered by Mike Dunn. Wow, I got a mixtape mastered by Mike Dunn. Oh, the things I've accomplished in life...

Anywheezie, the intro of this mixtape was spotlighted as one of my all-time favorite mixtape intros here, so now you get to hear the entire thing & see what I was on in 2002. Creative & cold as hell, still.

Stream or download by clicking the DivShare logo below. Enjoy.

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