Saturday, September 06, 2008

Incredible. Months later, Nigerian Gangster still being blogged! (AKA the "all things Nigerian Gangster" post)

I was watching the Top 100 songs of the 80's on VH-1 and got to thinking, even though there are a lot of 1-hit wonders on this countdown, these songs have managed to live on and become classics. Why are the songs classics when most of the groups have broken up years ago and some of the artists have even passed away? Simple. When music is timeless, people continue to pass it on and discover and rediscover it.

There have been 100's of blogs that have featured or written about my Nigerian Gangster project that dropped in February (google:Nigerian Gangster to see results) and its always amazing to see blogs still writing about the project months later.

The reason?

Timeless music will live on and always be discovered & rediscovered.

*link to weheartstuff blog Nigerian Gangster post*

*Link to Nigerian Gangster Spotlight on KanYe's blog (thanks Yeezy)*

*working link for Nigerian Gangster Download*

Recent review of Nigerian Gangster from Writer's Block Club Magazine

Mr. Starks of the World Famous Naija Blog interviews MikeLove about Nigerian Gangster


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Daniel said...

Love this remix album. Glad you got noticed. My friend dropped an album remixing Biggie with Senegalese drumming around the same time, thought you might enjoy it.



Zed HH Beatz said...

Would love for you to remix a track for us...please add us on:-